Welcome to Digital Art Week 2016

colour-by-hrDigital Art Week gives primary school children around Ireland the opportunity to share their art with other children around the country and complete some fun visual arts activities. As it’s digital, over the course of the week, schools will use digital tools such as Twitter in order to learn about art and to create their own pieces of work. Started in 2011 by teachers Simon Lewis (Anseo.net), Damien Quinn (Seomra Ranga) and Fred Boss (NCCA), the project aims to give children and teachers the opportunity to use technology in a simple way to learn all about art.There are four main parts to the project.

  • A shared gallery that all schools can add to and access
  • An online Art Treasure Hunt.
  • A list of recommended web sites that children can play around with to gain an insight as to how some famous artists worked.
  • Conversations about visual arts using the hashtag #artweek16 on Twitter

Take the Twitter Challenge!

Every year, Leo the Vole appears to give our Digital Art Week participants a Twitter-based challenge. Click here and every day, there will be a new challenge!

Create and Share Your Digital Art

Children create a piece of art using any computer programme or app on any type of computer. Here are some recommended free programs that can be used.

  • MS Paint (Windows) – free on all Windows Computers
  • Paintbrush (Mac) – A Mac version of Paint – Download here
  • Paint.net (Windows) – a more advanced version of Paint – Download here
  • Art Rage (Windows, Mac, iPad) – another powerful painting program – Download here
  • Paint Online (Online) – an online painting program – Visit here
  • Here are 35 others if the above doesn’t suit!

Pupils can also use an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Tablet or any other device to create a piece of digital art. Here are some apps that might be useful! There are plenty of decent painting apps available in the various App Stores and there are some suggestions on the Digital Art Week website. Another possibility is to make an image and photograph it.

The next job is to upload your art!

Look and Respond

Anna_6th_Digital_ArtYou can look and respond to some great pieces of art by checking out some of the links suggested by teachers around Ireland on the Digital Art Week website. We are asking that you write posts on your class or school blog about some of the art that you are looking at and share the links to the blog posts via Twitter, thereby starting a countrywide conversation about art.

image1Involve the Community

If possible, during Digital Art Week get your class to visit your local art gallery to view pieces of art. Alternatively, invite an artist into your class to talk about their work as an artist. There is a list of local Arts Education Officers below who may be able to help you in this regard. Again, write a blog post about your gallery visit/artist visit and share the link via Twitter, again using the hashtag #artweek16, so that we can continue the conversation about art.


Carlow County Council | Arts Officer: Sinead Dowling | Web: http://www.carlow.ie/arts | Email: sdowling@carlowcoco.ie


Cavan County Council | Arts Officer: Catriona O’Reilly | Web: http://www.cavanarts.ie | Email: catrionaoreilly@cavancoco.ie




Galway City Council | Arts Officer: James Harrold |
Web: http://www.galwaycity.ie/allservices/artsandculture/cityartsoffice/ | Email: jharrold@galwaycity.ie

Galway County Council | Arts Officer: Marilyn Gaughan |
Web: http://www.galway.ie/en/services/artsoffice/ | Email: mgaughan@galwaycoco.ie

Údarás na Gaeltachta, Co. na Gaillimhe | Áisitheoir Ealaíon Pobail: Muireann Ní Dhroighneáin |
Web: http://www.udaras.ie | Email: m.hearty@udaras.ie


Kildare County Council | Arts Officer: Lucina Russell |
Web: http://kildare.ie/artsservice/ | Email: lrussell@kildarecoco.ie


Laois County Council | Arts Officer: Muireann Ní Chonaill |
Web: http://www.laois.ie/leisureandculture/arts/ | Email: artsoff@laoiscoco.ie




Louth County Council | Arts Officer: Brian Harten |
Web: http://www.createlouth.ieEmail: brian.harten@louthcoco.ie |





Roscommon County Council | Arts Officer: VACANT March 2013 |
Web: http://www.roscommonarts.com | Email: artsoffice@roscommoncoco.ie


Sligo County Council | Public Arts Officer: Mary McDonagh |
Web: http://www.sligoarts.ie | Email: mmcdonag@sligococo.ie


Digital Art Week: 24th to 30th April 2016.