leo_pic-177x300 Hi, I’m Leo and welcome to the Twitter Art Stories Challenge!

This challenge is all about thinking about the stories that might explain a picture. The easy bit is to look at the picture and say what is going on in it. But, the tricky bit is to imagine the stories that happened just before the picture was made and also to describe what might have happened afterwards too.

There will be a new picture every day for you to think about. That’s 5 pictures in total during Artweek. Click on the days below. Each one becomes active every day.






If you accept this challenge then here’s the instructions to follow:

Take a minute to just sit and look at the picture.
Have a look at as many areas of it as you can.
Then, one at a time:
1. Say what is going on in the picture.
2. When you point out something in the picture you should also explain it. Say exactly what it is you see.
3. Is there anything else we can see?

When the class is satisfied that the picture has been fully explained, students should be given time to write 3 short paragraphs to tell the story of the picture.

Paragraph 1:
What might have been going on just before this picture was made?

Paragraph 2:
What is happening in the picture now?

Paragraph 3:
What do you think happened after the picture was made?
Add all of your 3 paragraphs into the comments under each picture.
Post your comment.
Tweet out the link to share your Artweek Story with everyone else adding the hashtag #artweek16 into your tweet as well and my Twitter handle @Leo_the_V
Come back to the page later in the day and see what stories other schools have posted up.